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Version 0.9.18
Source code package qxmledit-0.9.18-src.tgz
SHA256 checksum 6966c286b71239304c5038b419ae67dd2492c235c024186e7dd581fef1dad29f
Windows installer QXmlEditInstaller-0.9.18.exe
SHA256 checksum 9a0e8f6ad3fce01bb232ea0ac84e87029a81aee2fb9dfbe2152bbcc30a72ba48
Mac OS 10.9 installer QXmlEdit-0.9.18.dmg
SHA256 checksum 9f189fbd0cf72ec7c94fad3d3f3850dc7d898cff5a088353cfd54877cf9f2bb9
Source code tag Link to tag
Release notes:
  • Issue #89, test XSD validity.
  • Issue #56, fixed XPath query search building.
  • Propose the same folder of parent when saving an inner XML.
  • New algorithm to anonymize data.
  • Issue #84, added options for metadata installation folders.
  • Issue #86, show license dialog at first startup.
  • Issue #79, added quit to tray menu.

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Licensed under LGPL V2 license. Copyright 2015-2023 Luca Bellonda