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Version 0.9.5
Download folder Link to Download folder
Windows installer QXmlEditInstaller-0.9.5.exe
SHA256 checksum eb7d27a79aad37e269224eb441061146c4204fd6ad90d7a3b0b772143476ae70
Source code package qxmledit-0.9.5-src.tgz
SHA256 checksum ac6341f1ceb004e64e070c6e99b5c3be3cfdf7d81a5556e79d99beb2f9eab43f
Mac OS 10.9 installer QXmlEdit-0.9.5.dmg
SHA256 checksum 68d177253cc85c15687481da18c08def10afc00df364d6d9f7631aa27d7af30e
Source code tag Link to tag
Release notes:
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Manipulation of namespaces: set, remove, replace, normalize.
  • Manipulation of prefixes: set, remove, replace.
  • Fix #37 (
  • Autocompletion editing attributes (activated with ctrl+space).
  • Added error message in splitting files operation.
  • New options for splitting files: extract and group, even in CSV format.
  • Fixed a bug on schema choose dialog.

Version 0.9.4
Download folder Link to Download folder
Windows installer QXmlEditInstaller-0.9.4.exe
SHA256 checksum 37256f1a1859ce9c2b0f9d8e20629ea6bf3b922d9b73b7d29d5c20acf8ce9ef1
Source code package qxmledit-0.9.4-src.tgz
SHA256 checksum ef78d66c6214a1af2d95ea98c441cad5be91e3064faca4bf9edef952ed6d0133
Mac OS 10.9 installer QXmlEdit-0.9.4.dmg
SHA256 checksum f4dc08ad652fe262076e9a92a1f0e317bdb5ddb7e493e95a673e4a93149d04ea
Source code tag Link to tag
Release notes:
  • Option to override stream saving to handle 8 bit non ASCII like encodings (EBCDIC) when Qt has problems.
  • Fixed an issue with contribution module and isnan definition.
  • Fixed issue #36 Compilation error in openSUSE c++11 compatibility.
  • Fixed a problem with file encoding with multibyte characters and attribute alignment.
  • New editor for XSD facets.
  • Fixed open file, file filter in MacOSX.
  • Changed the formatting of the data in binary viewer.
  • New dialog box to choose the detail level of the editor at the startup and recalled via menu.
  • Created the "Task" menu.
  • Enabled the use of QWTPlot3d library and OpenGL.
  • Enforced limits in the data extraction panel.
  • Enriched the export statistics of view data panel.
  • Attributes sorted case insensitive.
  • Asynchronous loading of data in Data Visualization dialog.

Source code tag Link to tag
Release notes:
  • Fix for compilation errors on OS/2 due to precompiled headers.

Version 0.9.3
Download folder Link to Download folder
Windows installer QXmlEditInstaller-0.9.3.exe
SHA256 checksum 35d6142fe64cfa0c9c7a16a570a76446c30a683c25735c77325de4ac729c69b1
Mac OS 10.9 installer QXmlEdit-0.9.3.dmg
SHA256 checksum 5be992ffa03ff41fe158eb3dafadfc833d071004f46d327f9b81fa9935d89526
Source code package qxmledit-0.9.3-src.tgz
SHA256 checksum f4f1e305712ca033d8fe9cef8ddce6a94fd4deffd9e723c1734786e18a49fc50
Source code tag Link to tag
Release notes:
  • Added an option to show or hide the element icon in the editor.
  • Added man page.
  • Added a command line option for anonymization.
  • Added a delete siblings feature.
  • Fixed small memory leaks.
  • Fixed a bug in the save search terms that was writing more than one time the same item.
  • Implemented the sorting of attributes in the current element or in all the file.
  • New option to limit the attributes line length to a given column.
  • Option to show the attributes alphabetically sorted.
  • Fixed a bug on the single instance application option saving.
  • Export the selected element to file.
  • New menu to show the containing folder in system browser.
  • Fixed a bug on XSLT element insert.
  • New option for set attribute maximum offset from element tag when saving.
  • New tool button for indentation settings.

Version 0.9.2
Download folder Link to Download folder
Windows installer QXmlEditInstaller-0.9.2.exe
SHA256 checksum cb4e485b861bea402ba41961dc7f8d8e628993951efee01e21b56e8d1d210954
Mac OS 10.9 installer QXmlEdit-0.9.2.dmg
SHA256 checksum 5bcc7845f7a8a1ac3c588f7eee04ab4182a81ebd6d8af16422f6ec52113d77cf
Source code package qxmledit-0.9.2-src.tgz
SHA256 checksum 14b8b47f00cf8ea031a0066c928cf8888a3b0d885627ed7f45c6d455be8bd531
Source code tag Link to tag
Release notes:
  • After a search operation the menu status is evaluated.
  • Fixed a regression on "New".
  • The search panel on session data is now opening on request.
  • New close window menu item.
  • Project option to disable precompiled headers.
  • New flags for filling data.
  • Clone elements tool.

Version 0.9.1
Download folder Link to Download folder
Windows installer QXmlEditInstaller-0.9.1.exe
SHA256 checksum d825e17ba430299fcddeb021d6c368749b54693eac738f9f96c9f6d8df4af6d9
Mac OS 10.9 installer QXmlEdit-0.9.1.dmg
SHA256 checksum da696be308b8cbf6b4f29c219b260305a1370061125ec1b44ccc09750c9c0bea
Source code package qxmledit-0.9.1-src.tgz
SHA256 checksum d4dad375f4f249f76833e2049717462e683bf1952416ca784cb7f5540114be71
Source code tag Link to tag
Release notes:
  • New tool: fill serie to fill a set of elements with consecutive values.
  • Variants of base 64 handled in the base 64 dialog.
  • Fixed some behavior on file reopen.
  • Enabled the application single instance via a configuration key.
  • Inserted a menu to raise all the windows.
  • Parified the behavior of the first windows to the other ones.
  • Fixed a bug that did not show an error message when opening an invalid XML file.
  • The application is now single instance when invoked from command line.
  • New option to show text in tooltip as a base 64 coded image.
Version 0.9.0
Download folder Link to Download folder
Windows installer QXmlEditInstaller-0.9.0.exe
SHA256 checksum 98299c27470b9a06bcb40701561caf1af2fbce70c6b121946b032fe255c1aab2
Mac OS 10.9 installer QXmlEdit-0.9.0.dmg
SHA256 checksum ff08d6c1390f446e00b75bdd11d972eb687c5a5382887604d124742484a6cd35
Source code package qxmledit-0.9.0-src.tgz
SHA256 checksum f4eb3baaca106ca3ea6cc851f25e4ea4e15198169aeb8a50647480b493350188
Source code tag Link to tag
Release notes:
  • Enabled source code compatibility with Qt 4.7.3.
  • Disabled edit of text elements when clicking on CDATA checkbox in edit element panel.
  • Added a new menu item for closing the siblings of the selection.
  • DTD declaration editable in the "Info" dialog.
  • Handled the DTD declaration on load and save.
  • Added an option to preserve attributes order when saving.
  • Added an option to open a file using the current editor or a new window reversing the settings.
  • Open a new file by default happens in a new editor windows. Options to revert this behaviour.
  • Added a library of predefined namespaces.
  • Accepted drop files on Base64 dialog.
  • Matched tag names and structure to GitHub conventions.
  • Namespace management in edit element.
  • User defined namespace management and storage in embedded database.
  • Moved the I/O to StAX using QXmlStream.
Version 0.8.17
ArtifactLinkMD5 checksum
Download folder Link to Download folder none
Source code package qxmledit-0.8.17-src.tgz 42c848d0a8839d863f9e9eae2fb2873e
Source code tag Link to tag none
Version 0.8.16
ArtifactLinkMD5 checksum
Source code tag Link to tag none


Licensed under LGPL V2 license. Copyright 2015-2017 Luca Bellonda