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Version 0.9.6 (current version)
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Windows installer Qt 5.3.1 QXmlEditInstaller-0.9.6.exe
SHA256 checksum 5cf16b5d6774dba9d5ca2f5ceb8125c429192417e228f7757c285397cc31edfa
Source code package qxmledit-0.9.6-src.tgz
SHA256 checksum 46928b059d9c00c96d98a5ab0bb6249abdd9225b2bbf280bbb8e0f54a894e964
Mac OS 10.9 installer QXmlEdit-0.9.6.dmg
SHA256 checksum a1f78f87e9a905f8a826efeb2fe4a40877462ab734b0bc5154ba348821c7b8e8
Source code tag Link to tag
Release notes:
  • New dialog to advise the user to use the streaming method for saving.
  • New option to remove the decoration from elements display.
  • Fixed a bug in the configuration dialog setting display.
  • Sorted alphabetically the attributes in "Copy Attributes" dialog.
  • When copying attributes, the textual representation is copied to the clipboard.
  • Added a menu for copying only the current element, without children.
  • Repositioned the selection after an element deletion.
  • Changed default colors.
  • Fixed UI issues in attributes display.
  • Fix #38 (
  • SCXML edit mode.
  • SCXML validation.
  • New shortcuts for insert and remove of elements.
  • Engine to insert specialized elements depending on the current element.
  • SCXML edit dialogs.
  • New template for SCXML.
  • Infrastructure to edit specialized elements.
  • Handling of XInclude and fallback elements.
  • Inserted a shortcut to append siblings (shift Ins).
  • Fixed an insert problem with read only enabled.
  • New options to copy file path in the load error handling dialog.
  • Removed the option to load files using DOM.
  • New warning panel if loading incomplete data.
  • Details on error loading data, giving the option to load the incomplete file.

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Licensed under LGPL V2 license. Copyright 2015-2017 Luca Bellonda