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Version 0.9.16
Source code package qxmledit-0.9.16-src.tgz
SHA256 checksum e86443d640b2d2486b8278a200e098425c52607f82908a1b5676c42af057caa8
Windows installer QXmlEditInstaller-0.9.16.exe
SHA256 checksum c315f46c9a56a1eebf1d568a3da1cab5bbf95a27cdc7717f90b0199bcacdc070
Mac OS 10.9 installer QXmlEdit-0.9.16.dmg
SHA256 checksum 81c7d8804b59b4190c987f0e1c503052c96984e8ae5e570dc3a49ce22837b15a
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Release notes:
  • Load a sample of a file.

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Licensed under LGPL V2 license. Copyright 2015-2020 Luca Bellonda