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Version 0.9.12
Source code package qxmledit-0.9.12-src.tgz
SHA256 checksum d7636daf8a4623b7b325df4dde358fc28113e11de457b0b91136d05029b06952
Windows installer QXmlEditInstaller-0.9.12.exe
SHA256 checksum d03b4eb7a485d813956a8ca21ad4c7506c5f713742b87ff4badead591ef4d7be
Mac OS 10.9 installer QXmlEdit-0.9.12.dmg
SHA256 checksum fd61bcb8f2b5569bcde54aa528cc39da93e53b49b9bd2f127de6f5ab4ec44c6f
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Release notes:
  • Used the right extension in the fragment extraction preview.
  • Updated XSD diagram graphics.
  • Expanded zoom out range.
  • Cleaned up the HTML of XSD reports.
  • Added facets to the XSD reports.
  • Fixed a problem with search box that extended the search panel out of screen.
  • New panel in the about box to show paths.

Previous versions: Link to previous versions


Licensed under LGPL V2 license. Copyright 2015-2018 Luca Bellonda